Watch: Xiaxue (Finally) Addresses What Happened with QiuQiu

Social media Queen Xiaxue opens up about her (former) friendship with fellow blogger QiuQiu for the first time.

In a revealing sit-down interview with Kiss 92FM DJ Joshua Simon, blogger Wendy Cheng (better known as Xiaxue) finally shares her thoughts about the state of her friendship with fellow social media star QiuQiu.

Published on Dec 4, 2016, the segment features Xiaxue playing “Who The Face”, a game where stars are shown pictures of fellow celebrities and asked to share their honest reactions (mostly egged on by Simon to “spill some tea”). While she maintained her signature unabashed demeanour when presented with images of noted foes Steven Lim and Dee Kosh, she was noticeably more sullen when a picture appeared of her now-former best friend Ang Chiew Ting, who goes by QiuQiu online.

The pair have been noticeably absent from each other’s social media, ever since news broke that social media advertising network ChurpChurp was suing QiuQiu for a breach of contract.

“We used to be really really close, like [we would] talk every single day,” said Xiaxue.

“She was one of those people who [was] in the inner circle who was invited to witness my child being born.”

Both parties have unexpectedly kept mum on the issue, with Xiaxue acknowledging that she has avoided speaking on the topic until now, an unusual move in the ‘blogosphere’ which thrives on such controversies. Xiaxue herself has gained notoriety in the past with her online spats, most notably against fellow personalities like Dawn Yang and Steven Lim.

While we’re typically used to Xiaxue’s fiery online persona, this is one of the rare times we’ve gotten a glimpse of her vulnerable side. While it may be an unexpected perspective on the witty and funny blogger, it is also a refreshing one.

Watch the interview here (segment on QiuQiu starts 9:02):