2 Easy Tips to Channel Your Inner Bad Girl

ZYRUP breaks down the hottest look this season: the 90’s rebel chick.

Bold looks are all the rage this season. However, pulling it off is not just about donning an all-black outfit. Take cues from our favourite stars who have managed to rock the looks, and you’ll be on your way with VIP access into the Bad Girls Club.

Tip #1: Chokers are always the answer. Always.

The must-have accessory of the season is the choker – a 90’s staple, of course. Chokers match well with both ripped jeans and low-cut silk or satin dresses, making it a versatile choice to add a punch to your outfit.

Eunice Annabel, Rachel Wong and Isabel Tan
From left to right: Eunice Annabel, Rachel Wong and Isabel Tan

For the perfect night look, take inspiration from Rachel Wong’s (@rchlwngx) elegant yet tough approach by wearing black culottes with a thick choker, emphasized with a dark lip colour and braids. For a look that is suitable for the day, go with Eunice Annabel’s (@euniceannabel) biker-chic approach with a black biker jacket, a low-cut bralette and a slim black choker paired with jeans and boots. You can also rock an alternative look with a dainty and delicate choker just like Isabel Tan (@prettyfrowns). Match the choker with lace or neutral colours to help it stand out. It’s all about the contrast, baby.

Get the simple and effortlessly chic Vanessa Mooney black lace choker ($38.00, available at Revolve online) or a Minc Collections Moondust Choker in gold (AUD$36.00, available at White Fox Boutique online) as a statement piece. Scarves can also act as a handy choker while keeping you warm. Opt for a black tie up to ride this trend without breaking the bank ($19.90 available at Zara).

Tip #2: Pucker up and kiss boring colours goodbye.

Gigi Hadid, Kylie Jenner & Taylor Swift
From left to right: Gigi Hadid, Kylie Jenner and Taylor Swift

“I really love nude lipstick,” said no self-respecting bad girl, ever. Pile on some pigmented purples, dark browns or reds to add on to the fashion world’s newest vampy vibes. From the dark lips that dominated the aesthetics of Fenty x Puma by Rihanna, to the crazily raved Kylie lip-kits, plump bold lips are the hottest look this season.

Dark lip colours can be high maintenance, but to achieve a flawless, put-together look, use a matching lip liner to outline your lips before applying lipstick. This will help to even out your pouty lips and prevent the lipstick from feathering outwards and flaking. Avoid smearing on too much product; spreading it out slowly during application will help you keep it even. Remember, a little goes a long way, so keep the rest of your face simple with basic brows, bare cheeks and some mascara. Let the hues on your lips do the talking!

Try out this trending look with the Urban Decay lipstick in shades ‘Shame’ ($22.00) or ‘Venom’ ($22.00 available at Sephora) and MAC lipstick ($31.00 available at Mac) in shades ‘Diva’ or ‘Sin’ for dates as well as long nights out. Alternatively, swop out your neutrals for ColourPop’s Ultra Matte Lip Colour in shade ‘Limbo’ (USD$6, available at ColourPop online) or NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in shade ‘Transylvannia’ ($17.00, from Sephora) for an added pop on your lips at special events.

Pulling off the rebellious look isn’t as intimidating as it seems. Never did we think Taylor Swift could ever pull off Taylor Momsen, but look where we are today. It’s time to unleash your inner Bad B****, ladies.