Your Insta Feed Is Gonna Be Lit!

If you’re anything like us, then you’ll get the frustration when you see a great picture on Instagram – with a cool background and all – but the person who uploaded it decided to leave the location tag empty. Blasphemy.

It’s hard to be a culturally informed social media user if people keep these gorgeous insta-worthy locations to themselves. How else are we going to curate our grid and show our followers that we are actually cool? So, as a public service, we’ve put together this list of photogenic light installations so you won’t have to be kept in the dark any longer.

1. National Museum of Singapore

You don’t have to brave the elements (and mosquitoes) to have a photoshoot in the forest. With Story of the Forest, lose yourself in a virtual landscape filled with lush greenery and colorful flora. Inspired by real-life drawings from The William Farquhar Collection of Natural History Drawings, the expansive canvas will allow you to earn some IG cred while learning about Southeast Asia’s diverse plant life.


Keeping with the same botanical theme, the Singapore, Very Old Tree features 17 images of, well, very old trees inspired by some of the oldest postcards found in the National Archives of Singapore. These trees have aged with Singapore, and artist Robert Zhao hopes to explore this intrinsic relationship between our plants and our heritage by capturing their grandeur and the sharing of intimate stories. Both exhibitions will be running at the Glass Rotunda till the end of March.

2. ArtScience Museum

Said to be Singapore’s largest digital playground, the permanent exhibition FUTURE WORLD: Where Art Meets Science at the ArtScience Museum spans some 1500 square meters and is filled with interactive installations and immersive light displays. Perhaps one of its most famous displays is the Crystal Universe – an artwork made up of 170,000 LED lights so that you can dance through a star-studded galaxy like Mia and Sebastian.


Greeting you once you step into the exhibition is a giant ecosystem of virtual plants and butterflies. Comprising three different galleries – Flowers and People, Cannot be Controlled but Live Together – A Whole Year per Year; Ever Blossoming Life II – A Whole Year per Year, Dark; and Flutter of Butterflies Beyond Borders – this reactive installation changes as people walk through and interact with it, creating a digital landscape that captures the dynamic relationship between people and nature. Flowers bloom, leaves wither and butterflies flutter as you wander through this kaleidoscopic garden.


The hypnotic waves and billowing curves might take your breath away, but 100 Years Sea Animation Diorama is actually a poignant reminder of how rising sea levels could affect our lives in the future. Data derived from the World Wildlife Foundation was used to create this stunning reminder not to take our environment for granted.

3. i Light Marina Bay

Here’s your chance to get in ahead of your peers and sneak a shot of these upcoming gorgeous light installations. Happening from 3 to 26 March, the i Light Marina Bay will feature 20 light art installations, the unique structures dotting the waterfront and bathing it with their inviting glow.  

This installation by local artist Lee Yun Qin, appropriately called MoonFlower, conjures a beautiful image of a luminous garden at night. When people walk through the installation, the solar-powered flowers light up under the cover of the dark, as if drawing energy from the moon. You can even adopt one of these nocturnal flowers by pledging a minimum of $5 here. You’ll take home a piece of the festival, and your donations will be used to fund sustainable projects under the Garden City Fund.


Making its way from the Amsterdam Light Festival 2015 is the Northern Lights, bringing the dazzling spectacle of the aurora borealis to the tropics with its 100 vertical light lines. Now you won’t need to fly far to witness this elusive natural phenomenon.