The Sam Willows Tease New Single ‘Keep Me Jealous’

The pop group is marking their return with a highly anticipated song and a brand new look.
Photo courtesy of Sony Music Singapore

The Willows are officially back.

The social media scene has been abuzz since the members started uploading teasers across their various social media platforms over the past week. Titled ‘Keep Me Jealous’, the single will be released in under a week, on May 5, 2017.

The single also hints at a newer, more mature Willows sound. The band revealed exclusively to ZYRUP that ‘Keep Me Jealous’ is a “mid-tempo number that [spirals] into something a little crazier, much like jealousy itself.” The Willows have also been “writing a lot on Wurlitzer electric pianos and retro synths, so that definitely has a place in the song.”

Photo by Anton/Mellowedhigh (@mellowedhigh), courtesy of Sony Music Singapore

In a promotional photo accompanying the teasers, the foursome gives the cast of the CW’s Riverdale a run for their money, channeling their best versions of rebellious youths stealing Daddy’s car for a fun night out, just with a whole lot more ’tude and leather. Lots of leather. The photo seems to be a glimpse of the single’s music video, which was filmed earlier this year in March. From the look of things, we can expect an epic ’80s video game-influenced extravaganza. As for the video’s release date, all the Willows will say is “It’s going to be in May for sure.”

The upcoming single has some pretty big shoes to fill, following the massively successful singles ‘Take Heart’, ‘For Love’ and ‘All Time High’, off their debut album released last year. Riding the buzz of the album (the band performed a much-lauded concert in July last year at Hard Rock Hotel’s The Coliseum in support of the release), the new single looks set to propel the quartet into further success.

No official word yet on when the sophomore album (yes, there will be a new album, according to band member Sandra Riley Tang) will be out, but expect more details to be released when the single drops.

welcome to chapter two. Keep Me Jealous drops 05/05/17. #KeepMeJealous

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Who’s excited for a new era of The Sam Willows? Mark your calendars; you can be sure we’ll be tuning in on May 5.

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