Lindsay Lohan Wants to Party with Britney and Paris Again

And they’d be like, “Why are you so obsessed with us?”

Lindsay Lohan tweeted her notorious party gal pals Britney Spears and Paris Hilton, inviting them to join her at her birthday bash in the Greek islands of Mykonos. She will be turning 31 this weekend.

The tabloid-friendly trio was last spotted out and about partying in Hollywood over a decade ago, and it was that night that marked the beginning of Spears’ infamous (and very public) meltdown.

The Mean Girls star then took to her Snapchat to explain the seemingly random invitation.

“I love my family and they can’t make it to my birthday, so I want to invite people that really love being good people to other people,” she shared.

Neither Spears or Hilton has responded, but we doubt either would be able to make it.

Spears is currently on her first Asian tour, with upcoming concerts in Singapore and Israel, while Hilton will be hosting her own party in Ibiza on Lohan’s birthday.