Throw a Last Minute Game of Thrones Viewing Party

For the watch – here are the essentials for your GoT viewing party.
Photo: HBO Asia

The long wait is over – Game of Thrones is finally returning to our screens. Bring on the politics, the battles and the dragons!

While many enjoy watching HBO’s epic fantasy series alone, true fans know that the shocking twists and action-packed sequences are best experienced with a bunch of equally rabid friends.

With only two days before the premiere, here’s a guide from the ZYRUP team (yes, we’re massive fans too) to help you put together a no-frills GoT viewing party.

Photo: HBO

Refresh Everyone’s Memories

The show can get a little confusing at times, with its complicated plot lines and massive cast. Bring everyone back on track with a recap of everything that has gone down so far, like this exhaustive video that covers the most important points:


Keep Your Guests Full

Put that microwaveable popcorn back in the cupboard. Instead, bake some goodies inspired by the television series, like Sansa’s favourite lemon cakes. Here’s a recipe we stumbled upon (bless you, Pinterest!). If baking is not your thing, then swing by The Ugly Cake Shop for their Zesty Zee Lemon Heaven Cupcake ($25.20 for 6).

Photo: Alex Lau/Bon Appétit

Play Drinking Games

Is it really a viewing party if drinking games aren’t involved? After all, the Westerosi folks themselves (we’re looking at you, Cersei Lannister) love their alcoholic beverages. Impress your friends with specialty booze, such as the new Carlsberg Smooth Draught Can ($16.40 per six-can pack), which was created to replicate the smoothness of freshly tapped beer. (Carlsberg sent over a few cans for us to try, and it’s legit.) Make up your own rules, or follow the ones that BuzzFeed created.

Photo: Carlsberg

Are you as excited as we are for the new season of GoT? Let us know if your viewing party went well. Better yet, film down your reactions at the screening. Just don’t forget that when you have guests over, they are entitled to guest right. So please, no stabbing of your friends.

The new season of Game of Thrones returns on July 17 on HBO (StarHub TV Channel 601).