Song of the Week: ‘Without Love’ by Alice Glass

This week’s Song of the Week comes courtesy of Alice Glass, former frontwoman of Crystal Castle.

Following her departure from electronic music group Crystal Castle in 2015, Alice Glass takes a breather from her punk past and pays homage to the world of synth pop in her second solo track, ‘Without Love’.

The former frontwoman’s new single speaks of her experiences of being in an abusive relationship, one which she has publicly opened up about before. Lyrics like “How are you gonna lie about me now” and “Sold myself to him” make for a nod towards ex-partner Ethan Kath and all that ugly Crystal Castle drama back in 2014.

With splashes of Canadian electro duo Purity Ring’s breathy accents and Grimes’ sequined grittiness, Glass has created something sublime with her saccharine, sweet vocals juxtaposed against the jarring and razor sharp synths.

The list of women in the industry who struggle with being suppressed and undermined runs long (we dig Kesha’s comeback, btw), so it is refreshing to see Glass call the shots and pave her own ethereal, ‘darkwave-y’ way out of Crystal Castle’s heavy electroclash past.


‘Without Love’ is available on Apple Music, iTunes and Spotify.