A New Powerpuff Girl
Is Coming, And We Can’t Wait

No one’s too old to love the Powerpuff Girls.

The new Powerpuff Girl will be revealed on Sept 17. Photo: Cartoon Network (via Metro)

Sugar, spice and everything nice — these were the ingredients for the three original perfect little Powerpuff GirlsBut what will it take to make yet another perfect little girl?

On Sept 7, Cartoon Network announced that the crime-busting, Townsville-defending trio would be joined by a new Powerpuff Girl on Sept 17.

The latest character will be entering the Powerpuff Girl universe 19 years after her sisters. So much has changed in that time. Those of us who loved the show as kids are all grown up, and kids today live in a completely different world.

Naturally, we’re excited to see what new dynamics she will bring.

The iconic animated series first aired in 1998, presenting little girls all around the world with a simple, empowering message from three stereotype-defying “perfect little girls.”

Like the responsible, brainy, “everything nice” Blossom; the spicy, feisty, tough nut Buttercup; or the sensitive, sugar-sweet Bubbles, it doesn’t matter if you are girly, cutesy or a little rough around the edges — you can be a superhero too.

Together with her sisters, the new Powerpuff Girl is sure to champion the same message of empowerment and flower power, all while keeping Townsville safe.

At the same time, we hope that just like a New Age millennial girl, she’ll be the perfect balance of compassion, adventure and zest in our overly harsh and critical world.

Most importantly, she’ll remind little girls everywhere to stay true to themselves, love one another, be bold and live a little… Even if you are a superhero.

Find out more in the premiere episode of the five-part movie event The Powerpuff Girls: Power of Four. It airs Sun, Sept 17 at 5.30pm ET on Cartoon Network.