Song of the Week:
‘You Already Know’ by Fergie

This week’s Song of the Week comes courtesy of Fergie, the on-again, off-again vocalist for The Black Eyed Peas.

Fergie You Already Know Cover

Say F to the E-R-G to the I, the? Yes, my 2000s kiddos, it’s Fergie Ferg and she’s back with yet another single and brand new music video, which just dropped on Tuesday.

The fourth single from her long-awaited sophomore album Double Dutchess, ‘You Already Know’ is a feisty Fergie-flavoured number topped off with a sprinkle of Nicki Minaj.

It is also Fergie’s first single in nearly a year, and the electronic R&B piece is awakening all the hungry MSN-chatting, friendship-band-weaving ‘90s kids in us. You already know (hah) you love.

She raps about how she will always and forever be a veteran who will ‘assassinate all the imitates’ in the industry, and with gold ones like ‘Fergalicious’ and ‘London Bridge’, who could really disagree?

The track pays homage to old-school hip hop and R&B, and Fergie puts her own refreshing, house-inspired urban pop spin on it. Running off into a mix of soul and old-school during the bridge, the seasoned singer’s vocals really come through, showing us the prowess in her pipes hasn’t changed at all. It is also so satisfying to see her spitting fire and, dare I say, even out-rapping Minaj.

Only complaint we have? The track doesn’t seem like it’s been mastered much, with the hook and the beats all over the place. At the same time, it kinda adds to the rawness of old-school music.

Whatever it is, we’re digging Fergie’s new flava-flav!

‘You Already Know’ is available on Apple Music, iTunes and Spotify.