Song of the Week: ‘Find You’ by Nick Jonas

This week’s Song of the Week comes courtesy of Nick Jonas, the youngest of the Brothers.

'Find You' Nick Jonas

Over the past two weeks, Nick Jonas hit us with a double whammy of a new single and an accompanying music video.

His second single this year, ‘Find You’ has a pensive theme of solitude and loss, proving that Jonas is capable of being more than just eye candy.

Moving away from the electro-pop sound of his previous release ‘Remember I Told You’, the riff-driven track is ushered in with an atmospheric intent and steady rhythmic electronic beat that blend seamlessly.

Jonas adds to the mood with an airy, raspy sound and music video aptly set in the desert to reflect the timelessness and expanse of his longing. It is the kind of laidback song that never seems to kick into gear, but smoothly carries the listener through to its denouement.

The track focuses on the ideas of forlornness and unending search (‘I see your face even when my eyes are shut/But I never really know just where to find you’) as Jonas serenades on the shore. Musically straightforward with its repetitive beats and strings anchored in minor chords, the simplicity of the production stresses the empty yet powerful feeling of sorrow.

Somehow, Jonas has managed to artfully portray a sadness that seems to know no end, but is contented in melancholy.

Only 25 years old but with a rich and storied musical career, Jonas is clearly finding himself through a different sound altogether as he continues to mature. If this song is any indication, we can only expect good things to come.

‘Find You’ is available on Apple Music, iTunes and Spotify.