Lookin’ Fly – Beauty Secrets for Travel

Wherever you’re headed next, we break down the travel beauty products you need to get hustling anywhere, anytime.
Photo: Gustavo Spindula

Be it going on exchange, vacations, or graduation trips – we love heading overseas for a little taste of fun and adventure. Of course, it’s 2018 and it’s basically a given that photos will be taken while we’re abroad, so why not look fabulous in them?

There’s no way we’ll be able to bring along an entire make-up collection, so here are what we’ll need to look our best on the road. Oh, and let’s face it: travelling is hella expensive, so we’ve included value-for-money alternatives as wallet-friendly options too. You’re welcome! 💋


Bronzer: Indulge Your Kim-K Dreams

Travel Beauty Bronzer Gigi Hadid Kim Kardashian Emily Ratajkowski Heading on a tropical island getaway? Put on your best sun-kissed look by sculpting your face with the right shade and amount of brown. Start out by bronzing a small amount onto the hollows of your cheeks, T-zone and jaw. Be sure to build the powder up gradually, or you’ll end up with thick, patchy strokes. You can even do ‘The 3’: sweeping the colour smoothly from your forehead to the hollows and finally the jaw. Just make sure you don’t overdo it — you want to look beach-bronzed, not dirty.

Shade + Light Refillable Face Contour Palette from Kat Von D

This palette has received rave reviews for being a great investment, with its excellent balance of shades between highlight and contour. It does a great job of providing the right shade and tone for your face with minimal technique required. The shades are not too heavy either, so mistakes are easy to correct. Phew!

Value Option: Hoola Matte Bronzer from Benefit Cosmetics

In terms of making one look sculpted with all the right angles, this powder formula has never disappointed. However, the darker powder also means you have to really blend it out properly. Like, really. Blend, blend and blend until you get the perfect bronzed look you’re after.

Highlighter: Always. Stay. POPPIN’.

Travel Beauty Highlighter Miranda Kerr Karlie Kloss Here’s a simple trick to cure that dreary look from long-distance travelling. Simply use highlighter to instantly make your face appear slimmer and to get that chiselled cheekbone and unforgettable glow. Take note – the right brush makes a world of difference.

Shimmering Skin Perfector® Pressed Highlighter from BECCA

Right off the bat, you’ll observe that this highlighter is intense (in a good way). You’ll have friends asking for the name of your highlighter every time you post a new selfie on Instastory.

Value Option: Mineralize Skinfinish (Soft and Gentle) from MAC Cosmetics

Highlighters are generally expensive, but it’s not impossible to get quality at a lower price. This product’s biggest plus is that it goes on light and never looks cake-y or creamy. Its formula gives you a glow without the oily shine. It also catches the light beautifully when the flash goes off in photos. No, seriously. Try it to believe it.

Lips: No More Dull, Chapped Lips

Travel Beauty Lips Kylie Jenner Lily Maymac Angelina JoliePutting some colour on your face is a quick and easy way to look fresh after gruelling long flights or train rides. You can easily apply it in a minute so your boyfriend won’t be kept waiting for too long (not that he should be complaining, just saying). 

High-end Option: Everlasting Liquid Lipstick (Lolita) from Kat Von D

Firstly, love its cheeky name and secondly, how it transforms your overall look from zombie passenger to drop-dead diva in an instant. Its texture allow mistakes to be easily rectified (always a plus), yet it lasts a long time between food and coffee. It’s also easy to reapply if it starts to fade, without leaving that ugly, leftover, not-holding-it-together lip stain we girls are all too familiar with.

Value Option: Soft Matte Lip Cream from NYX Professional Makeup

At the price point of only $14.00, what’s not to love about this affordable product which – gasp – actually delivers? It is light and creamy, and goes on smoothly too. However, its formula is not as long-lasting compared to Kat Von D. Still, as a cheaper alternative, this product is too good a deal not to snap up.