Press Play: ‘#0000FF’ by Jasmine Sokko

Press play on this track by breakout star Jasmine Sokko. 

'#0000FF' by Jasmine Sokko ZYRUP

It was almost impossible in 2017 to escape Jasmine Sokko and her enigmatic masks, which have become as synonymous with dance music lovers as coffee is to a caffeine junkies. Topping Singapore’s Top 50 Viral chart on Spotify, will do that to ya.

With her breakthrough single ‘1057’, and promising additions to the N° EP like ‘H2O’ and ‘Porcupine’, she has delivered yet again with ‘#0000FF’.

Sokko is known and adored for her melancholic synths and beats, which perfectly encapsulating the ennui and indifference one faces when engaging in fleeting modern day relationships.

Sokko’s latest number stays true to her style. The track shines with glimmering synths and a pounding bass line that backs her diaphanous voice as she slips confidently into hypnotic falsettos.

With her saccharine vocals that betray a hint of frailty, Sokko pulls through with her jarringly powerful lyrics like “I’ve drowned in your sad blue eyes and I’ve kinda lost my way”, warning of the inanity of searching for love online. It’s a track apt for a moment of vulnerability, imminent heartbreak or maybe when you’re thinking of which way to swipe?

The music video proves to be equally enchanting, with indulgent scenes of love and lust chasing, in a technicolor that screams a contrast to Sokko’s monochromatic image.

Three scenes set in hues of red, blue and green, followed the girl in her chase for romance through the archetypal male figure. Even through the confines of our screens, Sokko’s trademark stage presence leaks through and infectiously goes hand in hand with the video’s glitchy transitions.

Jasmine Sokko has been a marvel to follow from her ‘1057’ days and we’re sure we can expect more excellence from this electronic enigma.