Press Play: ‘High’ by Whethan & Dua Lipa

Ditch them New Rules y’all; it’s all about getting High with your new fuccboy/girl now.

Let us begin with an understatement: We are all excited to see the new Fifty Shades in theatres. No, just me? Well, okay, wherever you stand with Mr. and (omg) Mrs. Grey, you have to admit the new soundtrack is looking promising, living up to the series’ shining repertoire of past soundtracks. We have a sprinkle of Julia Michaels here and a dose of Rita Ora there and of course, no love fest OST will ever be complete without a touch of Dua Lipa’s idagf type of lovin’. That’s right, in honor of Feb’s Dday Vday, this week’s Press Play comes courtesy of everyone’s favourite enforcer of new rules.

For this sultry track, Lipa teamed up with 17 year-old Chicago DJ and producer Whethan. Both artists proved out of their comfort zone – Lipa and her heartstopping vocal breaks, and Whethan veering towards a more alternative sound than his usual bedroom pop. The music producer’s stomps and razor-blunt jolts were strong enough to lift the number up for Lipa’s commanding vocals to direct and pave the way for a song that’s ordering you to momentarily bid adieu to your boring (but, probably wise) inhibitions. With lyrics like “painted with aggression” and “dripping when you call”, I’m sure we could all get with this new set of rules (ok, last one I swear).

Whatever the reason for the sudden change in her approach to love – her recent departure from a certain ilysb crooner maybe – I’m all for this more aggressively thirsty Dua Lipa. Happy VDAY y’all, here’s hoping everyone gets a good amount of wined, dined and Valentine-d too.


Listen to the Fifty Shades Freed Soundtrack on Spotify here.