There’s an Eraser Flipping Tournament and My Inner Child is READY

Finally, something I’ve been waiting years for.

eraser flipping game 21 moonstone narelle kheng yang er jeremy

There are several things I remember about primary school: Crying on my first day of school, crying when I got 9 out of 10 for my spelling quiz (oh sweet child…) and crying when I lost my favourite Pokemon eraser in an eraser flipping challenge a friend (or should I say, former friend).

While I’ll never have another first day at school again, nor will I ever score anything close to 90% on a quiz (sobs), I can now find comfort in the fact that I may finally be able to redeem myself.

This Sunday, the folks over at 21 Moonstone (a dive bar) are organizing Xiao Kopitiam, a “reimagined version of a classic Singaporean Sunday”. According to their press release, the nostalgia-heavy event will feature food, drinks, beers and other activities from 11am to 5pm.

Here are some of things you can expect (including the eraser flipping tournament #fuckyes):

Flash Tattoos by The Standard Tattoo Co.
This is not just your usual flash tattoos that you see at flea markets and other hipster events. At Xiao Kopitiam, the tattoos are hand-poked by the talented artist, Josephine (IG: @_griede) from The Standard Tattoo Co. This unique experience offers a less painful process with brilliant designs.

Tarot Card Reading by My Grandmama’s Secret
Tapping into the powers of Mother Earth and experience a lil magical touch into your every day through Cartomancy & Compassion. From opening your world to the mystical Earth Beings, Gods & Goddesses to Moonlight empowered mojo bags. This personal and intimate experience is something that can bring new perspectives and interesting insights into the individual.

Country Eraser Tournament by 21 Moonstone
Harking back to our Primary School times, 21 Moonstone will be having a Country Eraser Tournament where you can challenge others to a nostalgic game of flipping erasers. As you win more erasers, you can trade these in for free beers and free beer buckets.

eraser flipping game 21 moonstone narelle kheng yang er jeremy

Find out more about the event here.