Press Play: ‘Born to Lose You’ by Morningbird

Travel back to the 60’s with this tune by alternative rock band Morningbird. 

Morningbird born to lose you

If you like music from the likes of The Beatles and The Beach Boys, you’ll dig the latest single by indie band Morningbird.

‘Born to Lose You’ marks the band’s first new track following the release of their debut album, Only Believe In Love.

The track sees the band shift to a more upbeat sound (reminiscent of some of The Beach Boys’ biggest hits), as compared to the mellower Coldplay-meets-Queen music from the first album.

Written by band member John Cattini, the song, despite its cheerful vibe, takes on a cynical perspective on love and knowing it won’t last (“How much longer can we go on/If this was nothing all along”).

 Ian Ho (drums), Max Challis (lead vocals, keys), John Cattini (lead vocals, guitar), Connor Frawley (bass) and Isak Kotecki (guitar) morningbird

The US-based band consists of Singaporean Ian Ho (drums), Max Challis (lead vocals, keys), John Cattini (lead vocals, guitar), Connor Frawley (bass) and Isak Kotecki (guitar). All five members are alumni of the Berklee College of Music, where they were first acquainted, and subsequently formed the band in 2016.

The future looks bright for the emerging band – Morningbird has opened for bands such as Mt. Joy, The Band Camino, and Blue Water Highway, and has also recorded new material with producer Sylvia Massy (Red Hot Chili Peppers).

‘Born to Lose You’ is available on Spotify and Apple Music