Interview: We Speak to Nina Nesbitt Ahead of Her Singapore Gig

We interviewed Scottish pop songstress Nina Nesbitt ahead of her gig at Glow Festival.
Nina Nesbitt Glow Festival
Photo: AIA Glow Festival

Nina Nesbitt is having a pretty amazing 2019 so far – her sophomore album The Sun Will Come Up, the Seasons Will Change dropped earlier this year, and has been chalking up rave reviews.

The singer will be coming to town this weekend – her first appearance in Singapore – for the inaugural edition of AIA Glow Festival, which brings forth a brand-new spectrum of unique experiences and activities that allow everyone to connect to their own oasis of positivity and joy, from sunrise to sunset.

The festival brings together established local brands in food, music and wellness. Apart from Nesbitt, music acts like Rudimental, Lost Frequencies and The Sam Willows will also take the stage.

Ahead of her gig at the festival, ZYRUP caught up with Nina Nesbitt.

Thank you for speaking with us! How excited are you to be playing at Glow Festival this weekend?
I can’t wait! It’ll be my first time in Singapore so I’m really excited to see it. I have no idea what the festival will be like but I’ve heard Singapore is a great place to play a gig.

Is there anything in particular that you’re looking forward to while you’re in Singapore?
I only have 2 days there but I’m mostly excited to just see the city as I’ve never been. I’ve heard the food is amazing so I’ll definitely be trying out some new things.

Glow Festival is touted as the ultimate festival to unwind. What are three things you do to you unwind?
I love going to the steam room/sauna at my gym. Writing songs. Cooking.

What can your fans expect from your set at the festival? Do you have any surprises up your sleeve?
We’ll be playing most of the new album which I think will be a good introduction to me over there. I’m already planning my festival outfit!

Which song are you most excited to perform at the festival? Is there a song in particular that gets the biggest crowd reaction?
I’m most excited to play ‘The Best You Had’. It’s almost at 60 million streams and it seems to just keep on building. Streaming is global so you never know where people know your songs. I’m intrigued to see if people know it in Singapore!

Let’s talk about the amazing ‘The Sun Will Come Up, the Seasons Will Change’, that was released earlier this year. What was the main inspiration for the album?
It’s an album about being in your early 20s and experiencing all the wild and wonderful things. It’s a weird time because you’re still figuring out who you are and what you wanna do with life but at the same time becoming more confident in yourself. It’s an album that I think is empowering and vulnerable at the same time.

A lot of your songs are very personal ones. How do you get yourself in the zone to start writing such raw lyrics?
I have no idea! They just come out. I have to be in the right environment, usually at home by myself or in the studio with people I enjoy working with and feel comfortable being honest around. It’s like I’m constantly blocked and then some days someone turns on a tap in my brain that starts pouring out lyrics. I find it really hard to do it on tour, it’s definitely easier in the peace and quiet.

One defining thing about your aesthetic with the new album is how striking the visuals are. What was the thought process about going with this particular artistic direction?
Thank you! I spent a lot of time on Pinterest, building different mood boards. I knew I wanted water because I often write lyrics by the pool where I used to live. I’m also a Cancerian, water sign. I also knew I wanted the lotus flower to be the logo for the album as it symbolises something beautiful that grows from a dark place.

Throughout your journey in music, there have been so many people that you’ve collaborated with. Is there one in particular that you love the most?
It would be hard to pick one because they’ve all been so different but I love my most recent collaboration, ‘After Hours’, with Teamwork and AJ Mitchell.

One last question – what would you like to say to your fans in Singapore who are excited to catch you at the festival?
Hello! I can’t WAIT to see you all very soon.

AIA Glow Festival will take place on 25 May 2019. For more information on tickets, visit their website and Facebook page