Interview: We Speak to The Vamps Ahead of Their Concert in Singapore

The Vamps spill the beans on their creative process behind their latest EP, their favourite tracks to perform for fans and some relationship advice for the dudes. 

The Vamps Singapore

It’s been way too long but the boys are finally back in town!  The Vamps will be rocking our world once again on 15th August 2019 at The Coliseum, Hard Rock Hotel Singapore, Resorts World Sentosa.

With promises to showcase their newest originals and popular hits like ‘Can We Dance’ and ‘Wild Heart’, Singaporean fans can look forward to dancing the night away with these heartthrobs during their one-night-only concert.

Ahead of their concert in Singapore, we caught up with The Vamps. 

The Vamps Singapore

ZYRUP: Thanks for speaking with us! We have been missing you since your concert here in 2018. How are you feeling about coming back to Singapore to play?
Brad: Hi! Yes, it’s been a while and we’re so excited to be coming back after all this time. We have such great memories from the last show, we can’t wait to be reunited with all of you. It’s actually Tris’s birthday when we’re in Singapore so we need some recommendations of what we should do to celebrate. Let us know! 

I absolutely love how personal your new EP, ‘Missing You’ is with it being entirely co-written and co-produced by the band. How different was this creative process from that of the previous few albums you have released?
Tristan: The Missing You EP is very special to us. As you said, we wrote and produced the tracks ourselves and they really came from the heart. In the past, I think people haven’t really thought of us as songwriters and producers, they just thought that we sang and played instruments so it was really nice to be able to properly demonstrate this.

Brad: We’re actually writing a lot at the moment, working on new tracks that we will hopefully share in 2020. We want to go back to our roots, creating upbeat music that people can come along and dance and have fun to.

I’d love to delve deeper into each song of your newest EP. First, I’d like to talk about Right Now, which was produced by Tristan. It’s all about embracing the moment and living in the present! So how are you feeling right now with your bandmates on the biggest tour yet in Singapore? And on your birthday too!
Tristan: Absolutely. Right Now was really cool, we met Krept & Konan at a party and just ended up back at mine writing with them. I can’t think of a better way of celebrating my birthday than being in an amazing place like Singapore with my best friends, playing a show to our fans. I can’t wait.

Bradley, you co-wrote ‘Missing You’ and it is such an emotional song! With such personal feelings invested in it, how do you manage that kind of emotion onstage?
Brad: Ahh, Missing You is a really special song for me. It is emotional, hearing the fans sing it with us has actually been one of my favourite parts of the Four Corners tour shows. 

And Connor, you wrote ‘Waves’, which is about mistakes made that will bring about many ups and downs in a relationship. To you, what is the one huge mistake in a relationship that no guy should ever make?
Connor: Probably cheating? That’s not great…

The last song of the EP is ‘All The Lies’. And the lyrics go ‘I love you was my favourite’. So James,  what is your most hated lie ever?
James: Ha. Any lie is a bad lie isn’t it? 

You guys will be playing tonight and will be bringing back many crowd favourites like ‘Can We Dance’ and ‘All Night’ amongst your newer songs. Which songs are your favourite to perform and why?
Connor: It changes! At the moment, we’re enjoying playing our new tracks like Waves and Missing You but it’s always fun when the crowd goes crazy for some of the older songs like Wild Heart. 

I bet you guys have so much adrenaline after every show! Any plans for an after party tonight?
Connor: There’s always a crazy half hour when we come off stage and are still buzzing from the show, and then we calm down a bit and eat! 

One final question. Anything you want to say to your Singaporean fans?
Connor: We can’t wait to be back in Singapore and see you all, thank you for staying with us on this journey. Come to the show, have a dance and sing and let’s have fun! We’re so excited and we love you a lot!

The Vamps will be playing at The Coliseum, Hard Rock Hotel Singapore, Resorts World Sentosa on 15th August 2019. For more information, find out more at the website here.  

Check out their latest EP, Missing You, here.