Review: The Vamps Had Us Raving ‘All Night’ at Their Four Corners Tour Concert

The Vamps had us dancing and singing along to their hits at The Coliseum for their second gig in Singapore.  
The Vamps Singapore
Photo: CK Star Entertainment Singapore

For a band who has headlined at the O2 for five consecutive years straight, it’s no surprise that The Vamps know how to get a crowd excited as they kicked off their gig with their hit song, ‘Just My Type’.

The crowd, made up of young teenage schoolgirls and some avid fanboys, immediately broke out of their cool Thursday night slumber as they belted out the lyrics along with lead vocalist Bradley, who greeted fans with his swoon-worthy vocals and cheeky grins. 

The Vamps Sentosa
Photo: CK Star Entertainment Singapore

The Vamps made sure to keep that energy up with their following performances of ‘Personal’ and my personal favourite, ‘Wild Heart’, that had the crowd going crazy with delicious three-part harmonies and sick adlibs by Bradley as he serenaded the crowd while waving and walking to greet the fans even at the furthest ends of the Coliseum.

Onstage, The Vamps were all smiles as they declared how happy they were to be back in Singapore for the second time since last year (which they have also mentioned to us in our interview with them).

For one, James told fans how he wished to come back sooner to Singapore. Bradley also chipped in as he gushed about how he loves playing gigs in Singapore. This was even in spite of Singapore’s sweltering heat which he had to comment on, saying how it was unusual for them to get this sweaty when performing. 

The Vamps Hard Rock Coliseum
Photo: CK Star Entertainment Singapore

It was definitely a night to remember as the boys mesmerized fans with epic drum solos (thank you, Tristan), guitar riffs and soulful belting of songs that Vampettes long dreamed about hearing live, be it the ever nostalgic track ‘Can We Dance’ or their newest tracks like ‘Waves’ and ‘All The Lies’.

Fans were also roped in for a special celebration for Tristan, the birthday boy, who received probably the loudest Happy Birthday song ever to be heard. But the highlight of the night — for both the Vamps and their fans — has got to be when a fellow fan got down on one knee to propose to his longtime girlfriend onstage. The Vamps were visibly excited wingmen as they bounced up and down in a group hug with the happy couple.  

Bradley Tristan The Vamps
Photo: CK Star Entertainment Singapore

Ending the night very aptly with ‘All Night’, The Vamps left fans buzzing with adrenaline and a promise that they will definitely be back in Singapore. Till then, I will be smashing that replay button on their Missing You EP because I’m missing those boys already.  

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