#FITSPO: Thomas Beattie

Thomas Beattie survived a broken skull and still puts in the hard work to maintain his tip-top condition – what’s your excuse?
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Photo: ZYRUP/Joel Lim

It has been five years since Thomas Beattie was forced to retire from a career in professional football after horrific collision on the field that resulted in a brain haemorrhage, but the 33-year-old has never been more confident and in better shape.

The experience was a complete nightmare, especially since a sporting career was all he had known. Prior to playing for Hougang United FC and Warriors FC in Singapore, the Englishman’s journey in football can be traced to Hull City A.F.C., where he was first signed at the age of nine. 

The accident meant that his football career had to come to an abrupt stop.

“My body was my tool for my whole life until two years ago when I broke my skull. My body was my job for a long time.”

Thomas Beattie shirtless fitness sexy
Photo: ZYRUP/Joel Lim

“Looking back, it was a blessing. It was a nightmare at that time, but the things I have now, and what I’m doing now would probably never have happened if it weren’t for it,” he said. 

These days, the serial-entrepreneur proudly helms 12 companies in Asia and 1 in the U.K, like service marketplace app Ovvy and even includes social enterprises. Before this, he was never really free to explore his interests in entrepreneurship, but now he’s able to lead an entirely different lifestyle, one where he is no longer tied to the strict and demanding daily routine of an athlete. 

While his days as a professional athlete may be over, Beattie is still very much in shape, with a chiseled physique that will put most models to shame. In fact, he even coaches other athletes on their physical training and body conditioning. 

So how does Thomas Beattie do it? Juggling his current lifestyle with his fitness regime is “the far most difficult”. As his projects continue to grow in scale, he finds himself having less and less time. Ultimately, it all boils down to discipline.

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Photo: ZYRUP/Joel Lim

Tip #1: Don’t Compromise on Workout Time

Being physically active is in Thomas Beattie’s DNA. “I was an athlete, so that’s all I know. If I’m not physically active, I’m not productive. I can’t do nothing,” he says. Despite his busy work schedule, he ensures that he makes time to go to the gym at least once a day – even if it means working out in the wee hours of the morning. 

Tip #2: Make a Customized Plan Based on Your Schedule 

Everyone has different schedules, so take a step back to comprehend and figure out what healthy lifestyle habits work for specifically for you. For him, being an entrepreneur means having to be spontaneous with his hours. However, there are things that there are things one can do regardless of schedules, such as meal prepping. 

Tip #3: Eat Clean, But Don’t Be A Square About It 

For Thomas, he believes that diet plays a massive part of being healthy. “I try to control the amount of what is going in versus what I burn. But I have a really high metabolism, so I need to make sure that I eat enough or I just lose muscle mass,” he tells us. 

Eating healthy is a lifestyle, and it’s not something one can turn on and off like a switch. An average meal for him is chicken and broccoli (“Quite boring to be honest!”), and he does not drink alcohol, but he’s fine with eating out, especially since he is such a social person. “I try not to let [eating clean] consume me and overtake my living.”

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Photo: ZYRUP/Joel Lim

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