Interview: Iman Fandi Launches Solo Music Career with ‘Timeframe’

Iman Fandi’s highly-anticipated debut single is here – and it’s a certified bop. 
Photo: Hans Goh

Fans first sat and up and took notice when model and social media star Iman Fandi lent her vocals to ensemble song ‘Stay Home’, a multilingual song released during the Circuit Breaker period to encourage Singaporeans to socially distance during the Covid-19 pandemic. With that, the foundation was set for Singapore to see the debut of its newest pop songstress. 

As the sole daughter of national football legend, Fandi Ahmad, and South African model, Wendy Jacobs, the 20-year-old is no stranger to the public eye. However, despite her parents being seasoned media personalities, Iman decided to keep the production of ‘Timeframe’ a secret from her parents as she was determined for her successes to be on her own merit. Refraining from asking them for any advice during the production, she revealed the truth to them only upon the project’s completion. (Trivia: Her father had previously released his own album before, and when asked if there may be collaboration on the horizon between the two, she teased us and said that the idea would be “fun”.)

Photo: Hans Goh

After a few months (that frankly, felt way longer than that), her debut single is finally here. ‘Timeframe’ is a modern pop tune that channels the likes of The Weeknd, ZAYN and SZA.

Explaining the concept of ‘Timeframe’, Iman stated that the inspiration of the track was from having to say goodbye to her family and friends who were away, or had to fly in and out of Singapore, while growing up. She also revealed that she wrote ‘Timeframe’ in a taxi, a day after having to say goodbye to a friend.

From modeling, athletics to dancing, Iman is now venturing into the music industry. She is showing no signs of slowing down – her EP’s production is already underway, giving fans and music-lovers yet another series of hits to look forward to.

In an exclusive interview with Iman, she revealed that she hopes to be able to continue her journey in the music industry, to write more songs by herself, and about her personal experiences as well as things she wants to do. 


Hi Iman! Thank you for speaking with us. Who are you most grateful for for your first single release?
I’m grateful to my inspiration, for helping me write the song, also grateful for parents who supported me, as well as my friends. But of course, got to thank Universal Music for making this song bigger than I thought and expected. Also Flightsch, who was the producer of the song, and a co-producer called Daku Beats, who is from Germany. I am so very thankful for them, for getting the song that I want.

You’ve mentioned that you’re working on an EP, so what is your creative process like (or were they all written in a taxi as well)?
No, they weren’t all written in a taxi (laughs) – only ‘Timeframe’ was! I’m working on an EP this year, and my inspiration is through writing about my personal experience. I’ll pick and choose which are the right songs I want to put in the EP, but right now, I’m working on other songs in the lead up to the EP as well. All of them will hopefully be just written by me and about personal experiences, and things that I want to do.

If you can collaborate with anyone, who would you like to collaborate with and why?
Internationally, Zara Larsson and Destiny Rogers, because Destiny Rogers is such a cool chick – [she has a] cool, edgy, tom-boy kind of sound, which I love. Zara Larsson has been my inspiration – I love her sound and voice. But locally, I really want to work with YAØ, who is also a Singaporean artist.

You’ve mentioned that music is your escape and your happy place. Since music is now something that you’re pursuing, do you feel stressed from it? How do you unwind?
I don’t feel stressed from it because I’ve written a lot of songs, and I mean, they’re just in my little book or notes, so I have some backups if I ever can’t find inspiration. It is still my happy place; it’s like a journal, just like my diary.

How do you want to impact others with your music?
I think the goal is, and has always been, to relate with people, and to put out something that I believe in. I feel like people can connect with ‘Timeframe’ especially right now, with family and loved ones being separated [due to travel restrictions].

Where do you see yourself five years down the road in the music industry?
I don’t know! I definitely know I will still be putting out music and music videos, but hopefully, I will have more songs, and maybe be performing live.

Any dream venues to perform in?
Locally, honestly, I think anywhere is fine with me. As long as I’m singing my songs and having a great time, I’m happy. Internationally, I feel like everybody would say Coachella! It seems really fun with different music tastes. Maybe one day I can be on a little stage over there!

How did you feel when you found out that your father previously released an album? Can we expect a collaboration between you and your dad?
A collaboration will be pretty funny! That will be really fun! I actually just recently found out that my dad released an album at the end of last year!

What is one message you would give to your fans?
Do whatever you want, and if you have a thought or idea you want to pursue and want to do, like arts, music, or sports, go try it. Go do it because you never know what’s going to happen. Just take the leap and take the risk.

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