People and Clubs to Follow on Clubhouse in Singapore

There’s a new social media app in town and here’s a list of creators and clubs you need to follow.
Clubhouse Singapore Joel Cheryl Rovik
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Clubhouse is an invitation-only audio-chat application that is currently only available on iOS, in other words exclusive to Apple users – for now. Since the launching of the application in March last year, it is now valued at over $1 billion. 

Its podcast-like feature allows users to create rooms anytime and anywhere to discuss anything without showing their face. Users are also able to create and moderate rooms, listen in to rooms created by other users and join clubs or follow people talking about topics they are interested in. 

The app has also recently added a monetization feature that allows creators to be paid directly by listeners, although this is only available for those based in the United States. As for its widely-anticipated Android launch, its creators have mentioned that they are expecting it to roll out in May 2021, if all goes according to plan. 

The app offers a wide array of topics to follow, from sports to technology to world affairs to faith to “hustle” and so on and so forth. You can easily find people interested in the same thing and follow them. The more topics and people you follow, the more likely you are to get suggestions for a room that fits your desires. Here are some Singapore-based people and clubs you should follow, to help you get started.

Clubs to Follow

Youths in Singapore (link)
Youths in Singapore is a club discussing topics relating to adulthood as the speakers share their experiences being a youth in Singapore while navigating adulthood. The club has over 1000 members and followers, and focuses on topics such as adulting, pop culture and social issues. Join the club as the members navigate adulthood, share experiences and connect with one another to create a community of youths dreaming for a better world. A weekly Clubhouse room called ‘#Adulting with Former Children’ hosted by Ng Yi Yang (@ngyiyang), Clamus Pang (@clamuspangg) and Yoo Jin Lee (@jinxyoo) is held on Monday/Tuesday nights at 8pm. 

Business Unfiltered (link)
Tune in to real talk with Anna Haotanto (@annavanessa) and Juliana Chan (@asianscientist) as they weigh in on trending topics, investment ideas and entrepreneurship journeys. As every business owner knows, time is valuable, and this club focuses on delivering maximum value, no frivolity. They ask the hard questions and welcome their over 1000 members and 400 followers to interact with the experts and participate in the discussions. Past topics and speakers include ‘Factors of success for entrepreneurship’ with Joel Neoh and AP Ng and ‘Below the Iceberg: Success, at what price?’ with Michelle Cheo, Mewah CEO and Xue Lee, Head of Transformation at Heineken.

I Have A Question (SG) (link)
I Have A Question is an educational platform for young adults in Singapore. Here, youths with varying perspectives come together to discuss hot-button issues and current affairs. This club has amassed 600 followers and members and is led by the cast of IHAQ, Joel Lim (@limxjoel), Narelle Kheng (@narellekheng), Isaac Ong (@isaacong), Farisha Ishak (@farisha_ishak), and producers from ZYRUP Media. The club holds rooms where the cast and producers have thoughtful conversations with the larger Clubhouse community. Past sessions the club members have held include the ‘Covid-19 Vaccination in Singapore with Dr Janil Puthucheary’ and ‘The Tudung Issue: Should It Be Allowed In Uniformed Services?’. Follow the club to have insightful and respectful discourse about social issues that matter.

Political Prude (SG) (link)
Political Prude aims to make Singapore news, politics, current affairs, policies and social issues digestible, easy to understand and more accessible to young adults. The club has over 1,600 members and followers, making it one of the largest youth clubs in Singapore. Regular sessions held by the club are organised by Joel Lim (@limxjoel), which include news recaps, interviews, dialogues, debates and panel discussions. 

People to Follow

Juliana Chan (@asianscientist)
Juliana is the founder and CEO of Wildtype Media Group, a Young Global Leader part of the World Economic Forum and an ex-professor at NTU. Furthermore, she is a publisher of Asian Scientist Magazine and a former scientist at MIT and Cambridge University. Some topics of her interest include women in STEM, diversity and inclusion, science communication, media, content marketing, startups, founders and entrepreneurship. She is also the creator of ‘Business Unfiltered’ club on Clubhouse where she talks about trending topics, investment ideas and entrepreneurship journeys.

Nas Daily (@nasdaily
Nuseir Yassin is a Palestinian-Israeli video blogger who created 1,000 daily 1-minute videos on Facebook under the page, Nas Daily, with over 35 million viewers across social media platforms. He is also the CEO of Nas Academy based in Singapore, empowering creators to become educators.

Cheryl Goh (@cherylgoh
Cheryl Goh is the founding Chief Marketing Officer of Grab. She is interested in startups (of course), social impact, marketing, climate change, photography and more. She is a member of clubs such as ‘ASEAN Women’s Circle’, ‘CMO Council’, ‘Southeast Asia Tech Club’, ‘Driving SEA Forward’ and more. She hosts the ASEAN Women’s Circle on Clubhouse every Wednesday at 9:00pm.

Joel Lim (@limxjoel
Besides being the admin of the club ‘Political Prude’, Joel is passionate about youth concerns, politics, social issues, pop culture and entertainment, social media, content creation, public relations and digital marketing on this platform. During Singapore’s 2020 General Election, Joel rose to prominence with his updates and educational posts. 

Christabel Chua (@bellywellyjelly
Christabel is entrepreneur, social media content creator and the founder of, otherwise known as kāi, a lifestyle brand launched in 2017. She was once a lifestyle blogger and YouTuber but is now most active on Instagram where she has over 255,000 followers. She is interested in having conversations about start-up journeys, marketing in the digital-age, mental health and more. 

Isaac Ong (@isaacong
Isaac is a finalist from the Final 1 Singapore and part of the Colours Global Group which is a motley crew of modern day problem solvers determined to transform culture and society by creating solutions, forming partnerships and starting businesses with or for corporations, individuals, cultures, communities and cities. He is the admin of club ‘Impossible 413’ which talks about things related to Christianity for Gen Z and Millenials.

Eric Feng (@ericgoesglobal
Eric is a social media strategist and works with insurance agents, financial advisors, real estate agents, coaches and content creators. He regularly discusses business and entrepreneurship related topics and is the admin of clubs ‘Social Selling Asia’ and ‘Financial Advisors of Asia’ on Clubhouse. In addition, he hosts a room every Thursday at 10pm in which he invites business experts and top advisors to give their advice and opinions. 

Sonia Chew (@soniachew
Sonia is a Singaporean radio, TV presenter, content creator, host and entrepreneur. She is also the co-founder of IZYFOOK at Club Street. While you can catch Sonia on 987FM every weekday from 4 to 8pm, follow her on Clubhouse for her interests in conversations about entrepreneurship, mindfulness, mental health, social impact, public speaking and business development. Look out for the rooms she co-hosts on ‘Public Speaking Power’ on achieving impact and the goals you want to make through effective communication.

Rovik Robert (@rovikthedreamer
Rovik is a podcaster, YouTuber, Technologist and Innovator currently working in public service focusing on bringing investments into the region and creating jobs for Singaporeans. He hosts two podcasts: SGExplained, which talks about the Singaporean identity and The Good Technologist, in which he talks to TechforGood experts. He also has a social enterprise, The Hidden Good, social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook which creates content to make social impacts. He started ‘The Singapore Club’ and ‘’ clubs on Clubhouse and also hosts the Singapore Kopi Mornings community rooms some Fridays at 9:20am.

Fauzi Aziz (@mynameisfauzi
Fauzi is a Singaporean digital content creator, also known as the social media lead at TheSmartLocal. Hear from the sassy, bubbly personality on the app as he shares his perspectives as a creator in Singapore. He is a member of clubs such as ‘Community Builders Asia’, ‘Youths in Singapore’, ‘Political Prude’, ‘Singapore Musical Theatre’. 

Written by Phua Hui Ying and Denisa Tami.

Clubhouse is available for download on the App Store for iPhone.