Interview: Johnny Orlando on His Upcoming Debut Album (Exclusive)

Johnny Orlando is back with his first single of 2022, ‘someone will love you better’. This also marks the arrival of his upcoming and highly-anticipated debut album. 
Photo: Sam Dameshek

The Canadian singer-songwriter shares with ZYRUP Magazine that the story behind his new single ‘someone will love you better’ was about a friend who fell out of love and had to break things off with his partner. Being able to relate and channel emotions on behalf of others has always come naturally to Johnny Orlando – truly a testament of his song-writing skills. 

The music video for ‘someone will love you better – directed by Iris Kim – was preliminarily conceptualised by Johnny and his sister. Apocalyptic, it fittingly encapsulates the devastation of heartbreak and having to hurt someone you once loved. “In a sense, your world is ending when you break up with somebody special if you’re young,” he told us. 

The 19-year old has been performing since early 2016 but shared that fans have only gotten louder and crazier. In recent tours, he came to realise that more people were appreciating his music when he saw his audience grow older with him.

“When I was younger, it was less about the music but more about meeting me,” he opened up. “It was very sweet but I want to be an artist, so I would rather people love the music than love me. That’s what it feels like now. ”

Orlando also expressed his excitement and anxiety for the release of his debut album. The pandemic provided the time and opportunity for musical growth and a newfound confidence for the artist, who now goes into sessions with a clearer understanding of what he wants.

Photo: Sam Dameshek

“I don’t get nervous when I release music but I am nervous for the album because it has been my baby,” he confessed. “Before the album comes out, it is all potential and just this thing that you’ve created that has taken so much time, energy and of yourself. But once it drops, there’s actual metrics and that’s when it gets scary.” 

Fans can look forward to hearing a different side of Johnny Orlando in his upcoming debut album. In his own words, it can be best described as “The New Me”. This album is set to be fresh and just what the world needs today. “It’s a blend of the old and the new, and everything I’ve been wanting to do for years,” he said.

In the future, Johnny Orlando hopes to experiment and collaborate with artists in every genre – from R&B to hip hop and rock. “I’ve never been one to to have a single greatest influence, I try to see and pick what I like [from each artist].” 

For now, ‘someone will love you better’ is available on all streaming platforms.