Home-Grown Talents Dru Chen and Shye Release ‘I’ll Be Honest’

Dru Chen and Shye join forces on a song for all heartbroken souls out there.
Dru Chen and Shye Photo: Zahin Ali

Dru Chen is back with new music, and this time he’s partnering up with self taught singer-songwriter Shye. 

Co-written and produced by Joel Tan (who recently retired his ‘Gentle Bones’ moniker), ‘I’ll Be Honest’ is an up-tempo pop song juxtaposed with heartbreak lyrics, a reflection of bittersweet feelings, drawing parallels to the complex concoction of regret and acceptance that song details. This is a song about failed relationship, masked behind an easy, breezy tune that you can sway to.

The single is Dru’s first collaboration with a local female artist. Chen is a self-professed fan of Shye (honestly, we’ve been stans here at ZYRUP Magazine, since discovering her from the NDP 2021 theme song, ‘The Road Ahead’). As with every modern friendship these days, he reached out to her over on Instagram for this collaboration, and the rest is history. 

The pair took the stage to perform their single live for the first time ever at Majulah Block Party on July 30th at *SCAPE Underground, an event organised by Zendyll. The performance video, captured by videographer Kenneth Tan and edited by Jared Kim, transports viewers to bask in the ambience of the live performance. The performance also marked Chen’s return to live performances since his last show in November 2021 for the launch of his sophomore LP ‘Slow Life’ that was held at the Esplanade Concert Hall.

Now, we will be honest, we will be eagerly anticipating the two’s upcoming releases, as they are sure to bring colour and flavour to the local music scene with their distinct sounds and personalities respectively. 

Following ‘I’ll Be Honest’, Chen will release of the deluxe version of ‘Slow Life’.

‘I’ll Be Honest’ is available for streaming on all digital platforms, including Spotify