STAR ISLAND Returns: What to Look Forward to at the Firework Musical’s Comeback After Two Years

Firework extravaganza STAR ISLAND is back this year, and we speak to the show’s creative director to find out more.


We attended firework musical show STAR ISLAND when it first debuted in Singapore back in 2018, and found it a mesmerising way to both celebrate the end of the year and also to usher in the new year in style. After a two-year hiatus, the large-scale production is back, and will once again bring its top-tier spectacle to Singapore’s iconic skyline. Throughout the night, spectators will be treated to special hand-crafted fireworks, a rousing soundtrack, and special surprises from some cartoon faves. Pre-show highlights include a Sanrio characters ball pit, Gudetama Garden and Sanrio pop-up store.

STAR ISLAND’s signature stunning drone ballet comes back in a choreography of 400 flying devices that will act in unison. We’re going to be cheating on our BeReal timing and will whip out our phones here. The show will be choreographed to an immersive soundtrack, tied in with a new storyline titled “LIFE – Beyond The Time”, that follows a Space and Time theme.


Ticket holders will witness the ‘Gradation Shell’ fireworks – an effect that is specifically designed with Singapore in mind with a red-to-white time gradation display. Revellers at the event will also witness 10 special firework bursts that were awarded the ‘Prime Minister’s Award’ earlier in the year at Japan’s Omagari Fireworks Competition, which is described as Japan’s Olympics of fireworks.

One more reason to attend the show is that this year’s edition, held at The Float at Marina Bay once again, will be its swan song at Marina Bay (for now at least), before the venue’s slated redevelopment to NS Square starting next year.

To catch us up to speed and to give us a peek behind the curtains, ZYRUP Magazine spoke to its creative director, Kenji Kohashi via email.


ZYRUP Magazine: Since the international debut of STAR ISLAND in 2018 in Singapore, where else has STAR ISLAND been exhibited in other countries and how was the response?
Kenji Kohashi: Prior to Singapore, STAR ISLAND has presented three shows in Japan starting from 2017, as well as the Middle East in 2019 for Saudi Arabia’s National Day, with acclaimed reviews from audiences all over the world.

Z: What’s the inspiration behind this year’s theme, Space and Time? What do the various chapters represent?
K: One of STAR ISLAND’s signature elements is its beautiful choreography between traditional and futuristic elements such as Fireworks, Dynamic Lasers and Pyro, world-class stage performances, all choreographed to an immersive soundtrack. This year’s show features a new storyline titled LIFE – Beyond The Time – that follows a Space and Time theme. This year’s theme is inspired by the – the connection of life – how time and space is critical to the connection of the world. Counting down to the New Year of 2023, there is anticipation and excitement towards a new beginning. The miracle of planet Earth also teaches us the intricate relations between time and space. Ticket holders will embark on an immersive journey towards a special dimension – a world where there is no past or future, and time exists all at once. STAR ISLAND is the ultimate countdown experience with a one-of-a-kind 80 minutes display of synchronised Japanese fireworks, 400 drones display, lasers, pyrotechnics and world-class stage performances, all synchronised to a captivating soundtrack.

Z: As the first show in Singapore after a 2 year hiatus, have there been any challenges or hurdles faced? What were they?
K: We definitely were on the receiving end of the impact on the supply chain, with increased costs and materials. However, we firmly believe in providing all audiences the same quality of STAR ISLAND. In fact, we have also introduced new partners, such as our title sponsor JCB and Sanrio, for an enhanced show quality and event experience.

Z: How will this edition of STAR ISLAND differ from past editions exhibited in Singapore?
K: For the first time ever, STAR ISLAND is presented by JCB, a major global payment brand. And we’re proud to be accepting all JCB cards in all of our event grounds. Additionally with Sanrio as our Premium Sponsor, crowd’s favourite Hello Kitty has also been appointed the Official Ambassador. This year’s show also includes the debut of artisanal “Gradation Effect Shell’’ fireworks, which have been designed to bloom in Singapore’s stunning colours, a red-to-white gradation across the sky. 10 over bursts of fireworks bestowed with the “Prime Minister Award” earlier this year at Japan’s Omagari Fireworks Competition will also paint the night skies of Marina Bay for the very first time, each firework hand-crafted by Japan’s finest firework artisans. Designed to angle the fireworks to bloom most beautifully at The Float at Marina Bay, ticket holders will be able to enjoy the best view of these fireworks, dazzling the night skies outside of Japan for the very first time.

Z: What is the ultimate goal and vision for STAR ISLAND? Are there any plans to export it to more countries in 2023?
K: The ultimate goal for STAR ISLAND is to become a lifestyle brand and with the intention to introduce Japanese traditional culture “Hanabi” to the world, STAR ISLAND will only continue to expand its horizon from here.

Tickets for STAR ISLAND and more information are available here.