Science Meets Adventure: New Escape Rooms Open at Science Centre

Explore the Science Centre’s latest attraction, Escape @ Science Centre – three mind-bending escape rooms designed to put your problem-solving skills to the test.
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If you’re pondering over what to do over the weekend, look no further. Science Centre Singapore has recently unveiled its newest attraction: escape rooms that combine Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) with an element of theatricality. Think immersive experiences from ball-filled enclosures to quaking floors.

How Drama, the theatre company in Singapore responsible for the hit play FAT KIDS ARE HARDER TO KIDNAP, has teamed up with Science Centre Singapore and Gushcloud to bring one of the most innovative and interesting escape room experiences in the country. 

Incorporating original storylines and new ideas, these escape rooms located at the Annexe building are like no other; they add a modern twist to the already popular escape room concept. One room even allows players to bring their phones in! However, “cheating” might be harder than you think.

Photo: Gushcloud

Through engaging puzzles and problem-solving challenges, Escape @ Science Centre offers a unique and engaging way to explore scientific concepts while having fun with friends and family. The many props and effects, ranging from loud noises to even shaking floors, create an undeniably immersive experience that is sure to captivate visitors. Unique and novel puzzles, tools, and storylines make these rooms all the more challenging, testing the skills and tenacity of visitors greatly.

One of the escape rooms, called Shangri-La, takes visitors on a journey through a mythical metaverse that shares the same name as the room, which glitches each time players enter. Visitors must then restore an ancient artefact to escape, while earthquakes and lasers stand in their way. This room is considered the easiest one of the three available, yet involves the most physical activity. Be prepared to crouch, crawl, and climb if you’re looking to take this room on!

Another escape room called the Museum of Humankind is also not to be missed. Picture this: It is the Year 2500 and climate change has ravaged planet Earth. You are one of the last humans alive and aliens – Zarkians – have captured you and put you on display in their Museum of Humankind. Your key to escape lies in the Zearth plant, the sole plant on Earth that was able to survive the extreme weather conditions. Locate the plant and outsmart your captors to survive and escape! Surprisingly, while this room requires the use of mobile devices as part of the solving process, it still boasts a higher difficulty level than Shangri-La, so don’t be too confident even with Google on your side!

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And for those who want a good scare, the last escape room includes elements of horror in it. Dr X is a room that tests your friendship and communication skills to its limits, as you’ll need to “sabo” one of your friends to be alone. Yes, alone. Here’s some context: Xander, or Dr X, is a failed academic outcasted by his peers for dabbling in unethical studies – on the effects of extreme fear on the human brain. He then sets up his own laboratory to continue his research, where unsuspecting victims lured by the promise of never feeling fear again have mysteriously disappeared. Your saboed friend included. Now, save them by venturing into the lab yourself – the only way out is together.

If you’re worried about not being able to make it through the various puzzles (trust us, we’ve been there), you can always count on the facilitators for help. Before entering the rooms, players are given a walkie-talkie that allows them to ask for clues and hints whenever they’re stumped.

Photo: Gushcloud

So, if you’re up for a challenge, be sure to head on down to the Science Centre to give your brain – and your body – a good workout. The ZYRUP Magazine team actually attempted these escape rooms, and trust us, they are fun. Real fun. After all, how often do you get to play with lasers and justify (frustrated) screaming at your friends? Some parts felt like we were completing challenges on Big Brother or Survivor; they were both fun and stressful. Take on the role of the last humans alive, avatars trying to make their way out of a glitching metaverse, or desperate people in search of a lost friend – available now at the Science Centre. Let’s hope you make your Science teachers proud.  


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Tickets for each escape room go for S$25 per person, with promotions available. For more information on Escape @ Science Centre, including admission rules and promotions, click here.