Step into the Upside Down: What We Can Expect at Stranger Things – The Encounter

Join Eleven, Mike, and the gang on a journey through Hawkins at the Stranger Things – The Encounter experience from Jun 30 to Oct 1.
Stranger Things – The Encounter
Photo: Stranger Things – The Encounter

Attention all Stranger Things fans! Prepare yourselves for an adventure like no other as we’ll be transported straight into the world of Hawkins, Indiana…. from Bugis! From Jun 30 to Oc 1, you’ll be able to embark on an interactive retail experience like no other at Bugis+. 

Building on the incredible success of Netflix’s Stranger Things, the Mighty Jaxx Group, renowned for their exceptional Stranger Things collectibles, will be hosting the immersive experience, Stranger Things — The Encounter along with Netflix.

With over 6 rooms dedicated to the fantasy world, The Encounter is full of 80s nostalgia and packed with unexpected surprises.

Mighty Jaxx founder Jackson Aw shared in a release, “We are excited to bring to Singapore this immersive retail experience, built around the timeless Stranger Things narrative of friendship and adventure that we have all come to love.”

So get ready to face the Demogorgons and embark on an adventure like no other.

There have already been past Netflix-organised pop-ups around the around, named Stranger Things – The Experience (which the Singapore-based Stranger Things – The Encounter‘s official page follows on Instagram as well). While more details and previews for the Singapore pop-up have yet to be revealed, the official press release for the project has indeed mentioned some of the exciting things that fans can look forward to. 

Here are 6 things you can look forward to at the event:

1. Step into Joyce’s House

Get ready to explore one of the most iconic locations from Stranger Things – Joyce Byers’ House. We can expect to immerse ourselves in Joyce’s eerie living room, complete with now-unforgettable lights-and-alphabets set-up on the wall. 

2. Journey Through the Iconic Hawkins Lab

Photo: Stranger Things – The Experience

Venture into the mysterious Hawkins National Laboratory, where secret experiments and supernatural phenomena unfold. Explore the eerie corridors, encounter mind-bending displays, and unlock the secrets hidden within its walls. Who knows, maybe we’ll even encounter Vecna here. At least this time, we’ll have ‘Running Up That Hill’ by Kate Bush on standby on our Spotify. 

3. Visit Starcourt Mall (with Scoops Ahoy and Surfer Boy Pizza!)

Stranger Things – The Encounter
Photo: Stranger Things – The Experience

In an immersive retail and F&B zone, expect to choose from a selection of treats straight from the Stranger Things universe. With fan-fave spots like Scoops Ahoy and Surfer Boy Pizza confirmed, we can expect to grab some delightful ST-themed treats. Who knows, you might just do a Steve and Robin and form an unlikely friendship over ice cream! Psst, for those who rather just enjoy the F&B delights, admission tickets to the Starcourt Mall retail and F&B areas are available on-site for $15, subject to availability!

4. Capture Picture-Perfect Moments at the Palace Arcade Photo Zones


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Make sure you hop to Level 2, where the Stranger Things Visitor Center will be (this area will be available to the public for free!). There, level up your Instagram game at the Palace Arcade-themed photo zones. Transport yourself to the 80s as you strike a pose amidst retro gaming consoles, neon lights, and vibrant backdrops inspired by the show. These meticulously designed photo zones are an absolute must-visit for any Stranger Things fan looking to capture that perfect shot and create lasting memories with friends. 

5. Take a Part of Stranger Things Home with Exclusive Event Merchandise

Photo: Stranger Things – The Encounter website

At The Encounter, you’ll have the opportunity to take a piece of the Stranger Things universe home with you through exclusive merch. The creators of the beloved Upside Down Demopets collection have gone above and beyond to bring you even more incredible merch options. Discover a wide range of exclusive goodies inspired by the show. From apparel and accessories to collectible items, you’ll find the perfect memento to cherish and show off your love for Stranger Things

So, whether you want to immerse in iconic locations in person, indulge in themed food, or recreate iconic scenes, this event has something special in store for every Stranger Things enthusiast. 

There are two tiers of tickets for the event: the Regular XPASS ($39 weekdays, $49 weekends) and VIP XPASS ($109 weekdays, $119 weekends). Admission tickets to the Starcourt Mall retail and F&B areas are also available on-site for $15.

Book your tickets here. For more information on Stranger Things – The Encounter, click here.