K-pop Madness at KPOP XL @ Zouk by Spark Connections+

Party-goers were treated to a night full of iconic K-pop hits, epic performances and an electrifying atmosphere at the KPOP XL event at Zouk, an event by Spark Connections+.

A Thursday night might seem like an odd day to hit the club, but that wasn’t in the minds of Kpop stans and clubbing enthusiasts as they headed to KPOP XL @ Zouk for a wild night of drinks while dancing and jamming out to K-pop hits. 

Club-goers enjoying Kpop in Zouk
Photo: Spark Connections

Spark Connections booked out the club to organise this welcome party for its upsized membership, Spark Connections+. For only $20, get access to unique clubhouse events like this one (drinks included!) and additional perks. Find out more, and how to get $100 credits for lifestyle events here!

The night was dazzling, to say the least, with hues of neon pink and purple decorations splattered across the venue. Party-goers also turned up in their best outfits and were treated to an array of vibrant light sticks and effervescent foam sticks to make themselves feel (even more) special

Friends enjoying music at Zouk
Photo: Spark Connections

What’s more, there was a free photobooth for everyone to capture some core memories with their chingus. Yeah, I see you looking at my P-I-C! For such an enchanting event at Zouk at this price point, that’s an absolute steal.

The night was ushered in by a dance cover of LE SSERAFIM’s ‘Unforgiven’ by the veteran professional local Kpop dance cover crew MonsterG. I mean, what’s a Kpop party night without some mesmerising dancing, right? 

MonsterG performing Unforgiven for Sparks Connection
Photo: Spark Connection

As with all parties, good music is essential to keep everyone high high, up in the sky (nothing illegal involved…duh), and Spark Connections+ delivered. Spicing the night up in coordinating outfits (nuna neomu yeppeo), DJ Young and DJ Jagi really ate and left no crumbs with their sets. They paid homage to the ‘golden age’ of Kpop, filling the night with nostalgic hits from the 2nd generation (Big Bang, 2NE1, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, 2PM, SHINee etc.) and 3rd generation (BTS, EXO, BLACKPINK, Red Velvet, TWICE etc.). 

DJ Young blasting some Kpop for KPOP XL
Photo: Spark Connections

DJ Young came kickin’ in the door with a series of sexy hits by the queen, Hyuna, transporting us back to the wild early 2010s. DJ Jagi was next, and the transition into her set was so smooth that we didn’t even realise half the night was gone (it was as if someone had cast an abracadabra spell on us). Hailing from South Korea, she expertly mixed Kpop and KHipHop, keeping the crowd dancing all night long, elevating the party experience to new heights.

DJ Jagi vibing with the crowd at KPOP XL
Photo: Spark Connection

Party-goers were popping off so hard, dancing and singing as if it’s their (your) last. And we are not exaggerating when we say that everyone was enjoying themselves. Don’t believe us? Well, we shall let the pictures in this article speak for themselves.

The DJs were thoroughly enjoying themselves too, dancing to the bangers that they were mixing seamlessly and making everyone go oh my oh my god

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A crowd at the KPOP XL event by Sparks Connections
Photo: Spark Connections

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